Books & Magazines

Whether designers’ portfolios, company profiles, compilations of theme–based books, or monographs, we have an in–house team of content writers and editors to craft words into suitable text. The team also does the necessary research to procure⁄suggest visuals and graphics that will enhance the text. Working in tandem with the design team, we suggest multiple layouts and design the chapters⁄pages of the book.

In case of magazines, we sign annual contracts for the complete content generation of each issue of the publication. Based on its periodicity and reach and target audience, we develop interesting and informative text across a wide range of topics such as art, design, fashion and food! The content is handed over to the publisher, on a pre–decided date.

Printing is a separate activity; but we do help in getting quotes from a few esteemed printers, for our clients to compare and choose from.